Going strong, and growing.

Good day everyone. We are well into 2013 and all of us here at We Fund Funerals are thrilled with the continued growth we have experienced in the funeral funding/insurance assignment industry. New funeral homes and cemeteries across the country have signed up with us and see the incredible value our team has to offer. In order to keep up with our growth we have added two new team members in the last several weeks. We welcome Reverend James Smith and Maria Hendry to our family and know that they will do great things for We Fund Funerals in the insurance assignment/claims processing area, customer service area and getting new clients excited about what we do for them. As always, we welcome your thoughts and ideas on ways to improve. Recently we updated our insurance assignment forms in order for us to better assist you, our clients, with your assignment fundings.  The update to our assignment forms allows us to fill out the claim forms or other paperwork requested from the insurance company, thereby taking some of the work off of you, or in the instance where the insurance company requires additional paperwork that was not completed initially, we can complete those forms on your behalf.  This again takes the work off of our clients and tries to avoid a situation where it is necessary to go back to the family for this information.  Keep in mind we also offer incentives for referrals. So once you see how good we are, refer your colleagues and we will make it worthwhile for both of you. As always from all of us at We Fund Funerals, your insurance assignment solution, have a blessed day.